Plans for Moving OFFLINE titles to ONLINE

Our original plan in moving OFFLINE titles to ONLINE was  slowly by request to ensure that we are spending the time and resources on placing, the titles that you want ONLINE first. However, we have been getting so many requests to add OFFLINE titles ONLINE, that we have not been able to keep up, and have decided that we are going to publish all available titles ONLINE, as it is faster to do them by the case rather than search for titles and process them.  

Our plan now is to do a case of each major country (Korea, China, & Japan) at a time, and until we have all of the available titles for those countries added.  However, this is still a very long task, as there are thousands of movies we need to process So we will post updates to this forum a list of titles we have just added, and are available. Please note we will not be posting NEW titles to this forum, because they show up automatically in the website as recently added. Where titles that were added from OFFLINE to ONLINE do not. 

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