The Quickest and Cheapest Way to Watch Cinflix Movies on Your TV
Connect your Computer to your TV using VGA







To connect a computer to an LCD TV, the following items are recommended:
A computer (notebook or desktop) with Windows XP or Vista operating system. Windows XP and Vista are recommended because adjusting the display settings is easier with these operating systems. The computer must have VGA output and a sound card with output. 

vga port.jpg
VGA Port -
This is a sample VGA port on the back of a desktop computer
NOTE: Your laptop will have a similar port also however it may not be black instead of blue

The Green port is the audio out port - This is from a desktop

The audio out port is a bit harder to find on a laptop, but they are typically near the front and are marked with headphones icon


On the back of the TV, you will see the same VGA port,  and Audio Jack, these are usually together.


          You  can use a cable like the one shown above to connect the two devices. The cable shown above is an all in 1 cable that has both a VGA and audio plug (These can be purchased on Ebay for less than $7 with shipping)



After you have connected the VGA and Audio cables you will need to use the source button your remote control, until you select "Monitor" on your TV Screen.

If done correctly you will know see your computer screen on your TV 
We have tested this with a 55" Samsung LCD TV and Dell laptop and the picture quality was very good, this should work for nearly every user. 


There are many other ways to do this as well,  we have provided the quickest and easiest method available. If you are more adventurous or have newer equipment, extra cables etc. You may wish to watch the following video: