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Last Updated: Aug 05, 2012 06:37PM MDT

Dear Customer,

       You are receiving this email because you are either a current or former member of, and we have some exciting news to share with you! Over the past several months we have been hard at work on the latest version of our website, and it has finally launched. This new site site launch includes several bug fixes and enhancements, We will be migrating to a better helpdesk, and launching a new community page to get your input to help us improve our products and service, however the most exciting feature is our new Digital Delivery DVD rental or Online accounts, as we call them. With these new accounts you will be able to watch unlimited new releases of Movies and Dramas for only $12.95 per month on your computer.

How Does it Work?
Our new site is very unique as we are taking the original DVDs and converting them to digital format, then we are allowing our members to "rent" them digitally online by only allowing access to the number of copies that we have purchased. We are streaming using Mircosoft's Silverlight media streaming, (same technology that Netflix uses). Then using a Windows PC or Mac Computer with Siliverlight installed  you can watch them instantly on your computer.

What Does this Mean for Me?
It means you will be able to watch more new release movies and dramas from anywhere you have Internet access immediately with little or no wait, all of this for less than you are paying now, and here is why:

Currently we are getting many releases much later because we have to scourer the Earth to find region ALL and NTSC versions of the movies we carry, as most of our members are not able to play "Region Coded" or PAL formatted discs.  These typically get released much later than when released in their home countries, and sometimes they are impossible to find. We can now purchase any title when it is released and convert it to digital format. Additionally, since members will be renting them for length of the movie which is about 2 hours  vs. 30 days, we expect to have more availability and little or no waits.

FAQ about our Online Plans:

Q. When will this new site and plan be available?
A. The site is in the process of being launched now, and new online titles will be avaiable shortly

Q. What plans are available?
A.  For our ONLINE Members we will have only 1 plan available - Unlimited views for $12.95 per month. Our current OFFLINE, (shipment) plans are not changing.

Q. Can I watch movies and dramas from Cinflix ONLINE on my TV?
A. Yes, most newer TVs have a monitor input, to allow you to connect your computer / laptop to your TV to watch movies on your TV.  We are currently looking into other options for the future, such as Apple TV, Samsung Apps, and Roku devices.

Q. Can I watch movies on my mobile device?
A. Not yet, however we are already planning and working with our developers to release android and istore apps

Q. What is required to view movies on my computer?
A. You only need a Windows or Mac computer with Silverlight installed

Q. Can I view a sample movie?
A. Yes, please you can from here.


We are looking forward to providing you with a better rental experience, and will send you an other short email once the new site does launch

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